Energy Upgrade Contractor Mentoring Program

The Energy Upgrade Contractor Mentoring Program, implemented in August 2011, is designed to provide Participating Contractors with a full understanding of the SDG&E Energy Upgrade California program requirements and data collection process, ensure effective implementation of the whole house approach and monitor that contractors are following BPI national standards in each of the energy upgrade jobs.

A mentoring session will consist of one-on-one consultation with an experienced energy upgrade mentor in one or more of the following areas:

  • Field Mentoring (data collection, diagnostic testing, scope of work recommendations, etc.)
  • Desktop Mentoring (job reporting, EnergyPro modeling, etc.)
  • Quality Control Mentoring (QC inspection observation)

Take advantage of the Mentoring Program by submitting a mentoring session request through the San Diego Contractor Portal, or contacting Jesse Fulton ( for more information.

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