Water Conservation Incentive Programs from SDWD

I called the San Dieguito Water District and spoke to the conservation administer to find out if they could offer me a discount for growing food, recycling greywater, and/or harvesting rainwater (lets get this conversation started!).  The answer was “no, no, no”.  However, they are working toward reducing water use and offer a few conservation programs worth checking into.

Special Programs

2012 Turf Replacement Program: For a limited time, the San Dieguito Water District, in partnership with the Metropolitan Water District, is offering a rebate of $1.00 per square foot for turf removal. For details and information on how to apply, visit socalwatersmart.com for residential sites or mwdsaveabuck.com for commercial properties.  This program will resume in August, 2012.

FREE WaterSmart Checkup: Make an appointment with a professional irrigation specialist, who will provide site specific water-saving recommendations.  This is a great way to improve irrigation efficiency and prepare for seasonal changes.  For more information visit the website, or e-mail us at conserve@sdwd.org


Water conservation administers education, outreach and incentive programs for our customers to help the District reduce water consumption in an effort to meet the statewide goal of a 20% reduction in consumption by the year 2020.  We help our residents learn about how to achieve significant water savings through school outreach programs, water conservation workshops for residents (customers), rebates and other incentive programs.

For questions on water use efficiency, please call (760) 633-2676 or e-mail conserve@sdwd.org.


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